Retailers big and small are creating amazing innovation in the store. Three lucky winners will win recognition for their innovations at the Store Operations Council meeting. Describe your big store idea. We'll run it past the experts at RetailWire, and three winners will be chosen. Good luck!

Process Innovation.jpg

Process Innovation

Have you changed an internal process? We're looking forward to hearing about your new way of doing business. Did you create new practices that drive efficiency? Save time? Streamline operations? We want to hear from you. 

Use of Technology.jpg

Use of Technology

Have you implemented a technology that really moved the needle? From sensors to screens, people counters to artificial intelligence, there are loads of new use cases for putting these new tools into the store.

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Customer Interaction

Have you found new ways to interact with customers in the store? We want to hear about what you're doing -- offering new services, providing information in new ways, or leveraging sales associates.